Been up to all manner of things over the past little bit.
Mostly StarTrek... but I am doing a fan art Friday thing, Will try to post every week. with my track record there it isn't very hopeful. But I shall try.

Trying to get the hang of digital painting. I don't know if I like it. I feel like a jerk when I cover my line art... I know it's weird, but that is a weirdness I have to deal with. I do like the way it came out, it seems more alive than my line art.
The torrent class. I like this one it's like a bulldog... a weird alien bulldog.
Or a hammer!

Kasna destroyer and the Kalek corvette. From my brothers book series, Genesis Project.
The Voorith are semi-intelligent telepathic plants. they are used to enhance the Kalek warriors limited natural telepathic talents, and to warn of nearby danger. The Voorith are sustained by mental energy and can live off of it indefinitely.